• Pyrolysis and Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste
  • Pyrolysis and Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste
  • Pyrolysis and Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste
Pyrolysis and Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste

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In this case,Pyrolysis of municipal solid waste gasification Pyrolysis gasification technology is called the third generation of waste treatment technology. In the early 1990s, France, the United States, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Sweden took part in the development of this technology, and in the late nineties began to be used in developed countries. Our company is engaged in new materials and industrial promotion of the field of high-level research, technology transfer, industry promotion of new enterprises.

Pyrolysis and gasification process of municipal solid waste Description:

Pyrolysis gasification technology is a new waste disposal method: its biggest advantage is to overcome the use of incineration method will produce the shortcomings of dioxin. This technology creates a new technological process by combining several traditional, mature technologies. It combines innovative pyrolysis technology and traditional high-temperature oxygen gasification technology to simulate the chemical process in the formation and gasify the waste. Pyrolysis gasification technology can handle all types of waste, such as used electrical appliances, batteries, printer cartridges, disposable infusion sets, injection products, etc., without any prior sorting. After the garbage is crushed, the organic components of the refuse are vaporized at a high temperature of about 400C, and the inorganic components are melted, and then rapidly cooled to 75C in a short time to avoid the regeneration of dioxins, and the waste is completely converted into Synthesis gas and recyclable micro-solid residue, garbage in the invalid components are melted and hardened to form a useful new wall materials.

Pyrolysis gasification technology of municipal solid wastes Advantages:

1, transported into the garbage through the fan broken, can be sent directly to the reactor.

2, the production can be achieved from the power to self-sufficiency, without the outside to provide industrial water, electricity.

3, no emissions, waste, waste and other pollution emissions, that is, there is no new production of harmful substances.

4. The organic waste is converted into valuable primary resource materials such as oil, gas and carbon after the reductive cracking treatment (the actual production results show that the average output of crude oil per ton of domestic waste is 10-30 kg, bio-carbon 100-150 kg, Combustible gas 100-120 cubic meters, of which the heat value of oil per kilogram of about 10,000 kcal or more, the calorific value of carbon per kilogram of about 2000-3000 kcal).

5, through the process optimization combination, the production process of waste gas, wastewater and other self-enclosed recycling self-digestion, not only better solve the production of energy consumption and energy issues, but also to eliminate the production process of harmful emissions of the environment.

6, On the combination of device configuration and heat transfer, the cascade heating field of temperature gradient is established by the thermal field effect, which effectively solves the problem of heat conduction between the flowing solid matter.

7, solid waste in the kettle for the flow of mechanical problems, groundbreaking invention of a solid material creep technology, the use of mechanical force to generate internal force to convert garbage to solve the flow of garbage in the reactor. For the realization of the process of continuous and effective technical support equipment.

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