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It is well known that high engne oil prices, limited resources, advocate the premise of waste oil recycling.  For secondary use of engine oil is the trend of the development of the oil industry.In recent years, experts have developed a new waste oil refining diesel technology, this technology can maximum limit from waste oil refining diesel oil, which offers a new way of resource utilization.
At present ,the physical and chemical reactions are the main way for waste oil refining diesel oil ;Its applicable scope includes: waste engine oil, emulsified oil waste, recycling or reducing emissions, waste liquid and waste engine oil pressure oil, waste oil (waste transformer oil, compressor oil, turbine oil waste scrap, etc.)
The advantage of used oil refining diesel oil:
(1) under atmospheric pressure, high safety coefficient, high product quality;
(2) strong variability, simple process, low investment
(3) waste engine oil yield efficiency high.
(4) secondary circulation, energy conservation and consumption reduction.

Product Detail:

1.      Water removel: collect used oil to oil pool after dewater, placed in the oil refining pot, heat up to 70 ~ 80 ℃ after stop heating, and let it rest for 24 hours, row out surface water, and then slowly heat up to 120 ℃ (when the oil temperature is close to 100 ℃.

2.      Acid pickling: stay oil cooled to room temperature, under the stirring slowly add sulfuric acid levels (about 92 ~ 98%), the dosage of acid for oil commonly 5 ~ 7% (according to degree of oil dirt).Half an hour after adding the acid, continue to stir, and then let it stand for 12 hours, the acid slag line.

3.      Alkaline wash: after pickling oil to heat up to 80 ℃, adding soda ash (Na2CO3) under stirring, after fully stir well, let it stand for an hour, and then use dipstick test to neutral, then let stand for more than 4 hours, the alkaline row

4.      The activated clay adsorption: heat oil to 120 ~ 140 ℃, under constant temperature and stirring to join activated clay used about 3.5% of the oil amount, after adding the activated clay, continue to stir in half an hour, in 110 ~ 120 ℃ under constant temperature static overnight, the next day strike filter.

5.      Filter: use filter oil machine to filt oil

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