• corn-deep-processing-machinery
  • corn-deep-processing-machinery
  • corn-deep-processing-machinery
Corn Deep Processing Machinery
Product Type:corn grits, corn flour, corn bran
Power consumption:60kw.h per ton corn
Rate of finished product::corn grits:about 45-55% of;corn flour: about 20-30% ; corn bran:about 25%; the total rate of corn flour and corn grits is about 75-80%

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The equipment adopts combined dehusking and degerming technology,and it can produce different granularity of low-fat corn girts, corn flour and corn bran.
Corn grits and corn flour are suitable for foods factory,alcohol plant,win plant,brewery,lactic acid factory,corn sugar mill and other processing enterpraise using corn as raw material.They are also ideal foods for urban residents.Corn bran can be used for feeds.

Process Flow:
Impurities removal in the destoner or grader firstly and then the pure grain be transformed to the intensive dampener, after intensive and gentle dampening, the corn will be peeled and crushed in the pulverizer. After the flour extracting, the corn will go through the degerming and germ separating machine and be milled further in the pulverizer. At the end of the procedure, the produced corn flour will be packed by the automatic packing machine.

1. Turnkey project 30T-200T/D complete corn(maize) flour milling machinery.
2. Advanced technology support and customized dedign.
3. Thorough crafts and rational allocation.
4. Dust-free design and low power consumption.
5. Perfect after-sales service.
Corn deep processing equipment Specifications:
1. Product Type: corn grits, corn flour, corn bran
2. Power consumption: 60kw.h per ton corn
3. Rate of finished product: corn grits:about 45-55% of;corn flour: about 20-30% ; corn bran:about 25%; the total rate of corn flour and corn grits is about 75-80%

Finished product indicators:
1. Fineness degree of Corn flour : 20-150 mesh (fineness adjustable)
2. Corn sand content: not more than 0.002%
3. Moisture: Storage type 13.5-14.5%
4.Color and smell: pink,normal smell and taste

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