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Capacity: 100-5000T / D
Lignite wax generally refers to lignite extraction with organic solvents containing wax obtained from mineral waxes containing a pure wax, resin and ground asphalt. Due to good physical and chemical properties, lignite wax is widely used as an expensive natural animal waxes and plant waxes and wax substitute supplements. It is not be replaced of any kind of natural or synthetic waxes, and it is a indispensable chemical products in national economy species.
Lignite wax extraction craft is our invention patent technology (patent number: ZL2008 2 0230690.X) The process consists of lignite extraction system, extraction solvent separation system, wax vacuum concentration system, extraction solvent regeneration system, lignite wax molding and other system components. It makes up for the gaps in the domestic lignite wax, not all continuous production, the company is the only company in China which can produce a full continuous lignite wax extraction equipment businesses. This process makes lignite wax yield greatly improved, which will improve the resource utilization of lignite, lignite wax yield supplement to provide strong technical support. Our lignite wax extraction process technology and equipment are currently apply for three full continuous production line.

Features and Benefits:
1.High degree of automation throughout
2.The extraction solvent consumption is low
3.High extraction rate
4.Good waxy quality
5.The large-scale production
6.Small-scale labor

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