• Waste tire pyrolysis equipment
  • Waste tire pyrolysis equipment
  • Waste tire pyrolysis equipment
  • Waste tire pyrolysis equipment
Waste tire pyrolysis equipment

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Waste tire pyrolysis equipment Device composition

1) Heating system// main reactor

Q245R boiler steel.

The thickness of reactor is 16mm (also can adjusted accoring to your requirements).

The main engine uses horizontal-type of 360° structure -0.4r/min.

Sevral kinds of reacor designed for your choice.

2) Feeding system// auto-feeder: 

Saving at least 1/3 working time.

Can feed the material during the process, which is much safer and save energy.

Double dyaulic design can increase the force area, which made the machine operatiing more 

stable and have a long service life.

3) Condensing system:

The better cooling system, the more oil you can get!

4 grade condenser(1 top pipe + 2 main conensers + cooling wind tower)

inside of each condensers has 74 pieces gas pipes.

Cooling area reach to 40 square.

4) Exhaust disposal system

(1) Dedsulfurization dedusting: remove the sulphur( when use coal as fuel) and dust

(2) Water film cyclone: for the second removal and the smoke from the washer film 

cyclone is white, but pollution-free.

3) Spraying de-dusting: circulating water without pollution; high pressure spray, dust absorpion; adding in alkaline and sulfur dioxide at high temperature.

5) Carbon black discharging system

Discharge the carbon black diretly and automatically;

Saving time and labor, which is much safer for workers.

6) Safety system:

Include Temperature table, Pressure gauge, Safety valve, Alarm and Water seal.

Process flow:
Waste tire pyrolysis equipment

Oil distillation machine is consist of four main parts, which are distillate tank, energy recycling system( pre-heating tank), cooling tank and wine storage tank. Direct heating and indirectheating methods are available to choose from for the distillate tank. The energy recycling device on the top is the equipment is the main part of energy saver.

Technical characteristics:

1. Catalytic pyrolysis under atmosphere pressure and chemical extraction technology

2. Perfect environmental protection, such as gas flare and flue desulfurization dedusting system

3. Simple chemical solution to clean the color and peculiar smell of the product 

4. Oil yield rate≥85%

5. Reasonable design, advanced manufacturing engineering, high percentage of automation, complete safe installation

6. Broad-spectrum

7. After distillation you can obtain the diesel oil and gasoline.

Pre-heated raw oil (waste machine oil or fuel crude oil) was pumped into reboiler and heated catalytically under atmosphere pressure to output oil vapor, which flows into condenser through cooling tower, then the liquable part turns into product oil while the unliquable part was sent to the heating system and burnt away.
Waste tire pyrolysis equipment

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