• dtdc-high-efficient-desolventizer-toaster
  • dtdc-high-efficient-desolventizer-toaster
DTDC high efficient desolventizer-toaster
Motor power(KW):15

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 Desolventizer-toaster is mainly used for removing the solvent in wet meal of oil extraction process, improve the quality of the cake, reduce the rate of residual oil in the cake.
Huatai DTDC high efficient desolventizer-toaster process characteristics:
1, DTDC high efficient desolventizer-toaster is desolventizing system main equipment of oil extraction workshop , to removing the solvent in wet meal.
2, DTDC high efficient desolventizer-toaster function perfect, the advance of wet meal desolventizing, steaming, drying, cooling, such as processing, can be directly packed wet meal desolventizing after;
3, equipment, large transmission torque, the weight of the load
4, wet meal desolventizing in full, the urea enzyme activity between 0.15 ~ 0.25, improve the quality of the cake.
型号 产量(t/d) 传热面积M2 总高mm 电机功率KW 机重(吨)
DT140 30 10 6020 15 5
DT160 30~50 11 6020 18.5 6.5
DT180 50 11.5 6300 18.5 8
DT200 80 13.2 6300 22 12
DT220 100 15.5 6300 22 14

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