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Vertical rotary phrolysis vaporization incineration technology adopt two period form incineration way, one burning room is vertical rotary phrolysis vaporization incineration stove, two burning room is combustible gas burning room. Use vertical rotary design, neatly solve the technology problem of the material inhomogeneity, the stove body and grate relative rotation solve the technology problem of continuous slagging, played a role of stir rubbish at the same time, more beneficial to rubbish pyrolysis vaporization. Huatai environmental vertical rotary pyrolysis vaporization incineration system, aim at the rubbish features, achieve waste first pyrolysis vaporization, after oxygen enriched combustion handling process, make the waste combustion completely. As pyrolysis vaporization incineration room( second combustion room) burn gas, excess air coefficient is small, pyrolysis produced quantity is less than indirect incineration, heavy metal pollutant content is small, is good for purification of the flue gas, reduce the second pollution emissions and governance cost. Vertical rotary pyrolysis vaporization incineration technology, incineration residue the rate of heat loss on ignition and extraction toxicity lower than national standard, the technology has national leading level, is a kind of safe, economic waste incineration handling technology. Pyrolysis vaporization process under low oxygen or non oxygen condition conduct, reduce dioxin precursor production, second combustion temperature up to 1100℃, and flue gas residence time more than 2s, can speedy resolve dioxin species matter, reduce the heavy metal in fly ash of emission after rubbish incineration, dioxin species harmful matter, greatly reduced second environment pollution by incineration. Vertical rotary pyrolysis vaporization incineration stove has unique structure design, use stove body and grate relative rotation overcome two technology problem of vertical stove vertical stove material feeding uniformity and continuous slagging. Keep operation conditions relatively stable, make into and discharging materials controllable. Vertical rotary pyrolysis vaporization incineration stove design is scientific and reasonable, structure is easy and compact, light weight, easy to decorate, short construction period, occupies small area, low investment, economic benefit obvious, strong applicability, wide range of application, can deal with low colorific value of waste, proper to city life waste incineration handling, also proper to medical waste, dangerous waste.

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