• stripping-tower
  • stripping-tower
Stripping tower
Mark:Tube pass
Design pressure(MPa):Ordinary pressure
Working pressure(MPa):Ordinary pressure
Design temperature(℃):130
Working temperature(℃):120

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Stripping tower is mainly used in oil processing enterprises, mixed oil through second evaporation, by means of the principle of steam distillation, make the solvent and oil separation , finally get the high concentration mixed oil .
Model Mark Design pressure(MPa) Working pressure(MPa) Design temperature(℃) Working temperature(℃) Heat exchange area(m2)
QTT30 Tube pass Ordinary pressure Ordinary pressure 130 120 3.0
  Shell pass 0.55 0.5 162 158
QTT40 Tube pass Ordinary pressure Ordinary pressure 130 120 4.0
  Shell pass 0.55 0.5 162 158

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