• Coal/ Wood Fired Hot Air Generator
Coal/ Wood Fired Hot Air Generator

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Application of coal/wood fired hot air Generator:
1. Industries For Using The Furnace .
2. Metal Surface Covering Or Coating High Temperature Solidification After Plastic Spray Or Paint Spray.
3. Medicine Drying The Herbal Medicine Material Of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
4. Grain Processing Drying The Grain And Starch.
5. Food Cake Baking, Convenient Noodle, Fine Dried Noodle Drying, Transmission Belt, Spec Baking Machine.
6. Wood Processing Wood Drying, Fibre Plate And Compound Plate Drying.
7. Textile, Printing And Dyeing Printing Drying, Heat Shaping, Hot Air Widening.
8. Chemical Products Drying The Chemical Raw Material.

Description Of Coal / Wood Hot Air Generator:
Principle Oil Or Gas Combustion Hot Air Furnace, The Fuel Is Burnt At Firebox And The High Temperature Is Produced. The Quantity Of Heat Will Conduct To Air To Be Heated Through Heat Exchange Device. Through Heat Exchange, The Temperature Of Air Is Dropped To Less Than 250o C And The Air Will Be Discharged. The Air To Be Heated Is Sent To Hot Air Furnace Through Distribution Blow Fan. After Absorbed Heat To The Rated Value, The Air Will Be Sent From The Vent Of Hot Air. When The Temperature Of Hot Air Reaches The Rated Upper Limit, The Burner Can Stop Or Turn To Small Fire Automatically. When The Temperature Of Hot Air Drops To The Rated Low Limit, The Burner Can Burn Or Turn To Big Fire Automatically.
The technical parameter of Coal / Wood Hot Air Generator

Model Heat output Air output Temperature Oil consumption
Unit kcal M3/H kg/h
RFY-2.5 1.045×105 1500-560 60-200 4-5
RFY-4 1.672×105 3500-930 60-200 6-7
RFY-8 3.344×105 5600-1480 60-200 11.5-13.5
RFY-15 6.270×105 12000-2160 60-250 21.5-25
RFY-30 12.54×105 25000-4330 60-250 43-50
RFY-40 16.72×105 28000-5600 60-250 57-67<
RFY-60 25.08×105 45000-8660 60-250 86-100
RFY-80 33.44×105 83000-12500 60-350 114-135
RFY-160 66.88×105 134400-23000 60-350 228-270
RFY-200 83.60×105 170000-28000 60-350 286-334

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