Animal Fat Processing

Animal oil is opposite to vegetable oil. Animal oil, that is, animal fat, is the fat of animals. Animal oil for human consumption generally comes from pigs, cows, chickens, fish, etc. It can be used to process food to give the food the flavor of meat.

Henan Huatai Grain and Oil Machinery can provide new complete sets of animal oil negative pressure refining equipment with different daily processing capacities.

Animal oil production refers to the processing of animal suet and a mixture of animal meat and intestines into animal oil. There are two processing methods: the wet method and the dry method.

The refining method is usually used in the processing of animal fats and is considered to be a relatively complete processing method in terms of hygiene. Its process flow mainly includes the following sections:

  • Unpacking and crushing section: After the raw materials are unpacked, they are transported to the crusher by the conveyor for crushing. The crushed particles are φ3-5mm.
  • Preheating conveyor section: In the preheating pot, the material reaches a solid-liquid mixing state. The preheating pot plays the role of material balance for the entire production line.
  • Negative pressure exercise section: This process uses a horizontal vacuum oil boiler, and the animal oil raw materials can quickly separate oil, water, and slag in a vacuum state.
  • Vacuum dehydration section: The water molecules and odor micro-molecule volatiles in the raw materials are quickly separated from the raw oil and grease in the vacuum state and enter the tube condenser with the vacuum flow. They are condensed into distilled water under the cold water circulation and collected in the liquid separation tank.
  • The oil residue separation section: This process uses a chain-type oil residue separator to separate and drain the oil residue, effectively separating the oil on the surface of the oil residue, and transporting the separated oil residue to the oil press for squeezing.
  • Pressing section: The separated oil residue is pre-pressed by a horizontal screw extruder, and the pre-pressed cake is lifted by a conveyor and pressed by a secondary screw press; the pressed oil cake is sent to the meat meal workshop.
  • Crude oil filtration section: The crude oil is pumped into the vertical leaf filter through the oil residue pump for filtration, and the impurity content in the oil is less than 0.2%. The separated oil residue is compressed by air, filtered by vibration, and then transported to the oil press by a scraper for squeezing.

Animal Fat Equipment

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