Walnut Oil Production Line

Walnut oil is a kind of edible oil made from the walnut kernel, and its oil content is as high as 65% ~ 70%, ranking first in woody oil. In the international market, walnut oil is known as "Oriental olive oil". Walnut oil is yellow or brown in color and is an ideal edible vegetable oil.

Walnut processing equipment can retain the nutrition in the walnut kernel and has a high oil yield and low residual oil rate in the cake. The nutrition in the walnut cake is also retained and the cake is well prepared for deep processing. The refined walnut oil is high quality and can be packaged directly for sale.

Huatai can supply walnut oil production line equipment and turnkey projects suitable for large walnut oil processing plants.

Walnut Oil Pressing

Hot Pressing Method

Walnut Oil Pressing Hot Pressing

Cold Pressing Method

Walnut Oil Pressing Cold Pressing


Walnut Dehulling Walnut Shelling Walnut Pressing
  • Dehulling
  • Shelling
  • Pressing
  1. Walnut Dehulling

    The harvested walnuts are put into the walnut hulling machine to remove the walnut hulls.

    This walnut processing machine integrates the functions of hulling and washing. It adopts a high-speed rotating hob to cut off the hulls. The uncut hulls are removed by the steel brush in the walnut machine. The hulled walnuts are washed to remove the mucus on the surface.

  2. Walnut Shelling

    The hulled walnuts are first graded by the walnut grading machine and then cracked by the walnut cracking machine. The walnut cracking machine adopts rollers to crack the walnuts. The mixture of walnut shells and kernels is separated by the walnut shell and kernel separator.

  3. Walnut Pressing

    Walnut oil production line equipment can use cold pressing, hot pressing, and double pressing methods to obtain walnut oil. Maximize walnut oil production and ensure oil quality.

Walnut Oil Refining Process
  • Degumming process
  • Deacidification process
  • Bleaching process
  • Deodorization process

Walnut Oil Refining Process

The filtered walnut oil is refined by the refining equipment to increase the quality of the oil. By degumming deacidification bleaching and deodorization, the impurities in the crude walnut oil are removed.


Walnut Oil Refining Process Flow

Walnut Oil Refining Process Flow


  • Alkali refining operation
  • Washing operation
  • Decolorization operation
  • Deodorization operation
  1. Walnut Oil Alkali Refining Operation

    Alkali Refining Operation

    Adjust the oil temperature to about 60°C, then add 20-30Be alkali solution (1kg caustic soda + 5kg water alkali solution) within 5-10 minutes, stir at 60r/min for 5-10 minutes, and observe After the reaction, the soap particles form a separation state and begin to slowly heat up. Change to slow stirring speed and increase by about 1°C per minute. When the temperature reaches 65°C, the separation of oil and soap is obvious. Stop stirring and start to precipitate the soap stock. It usually takes 4 -The soap stock is released after 6 hours.

  2. Walnut Oil Washing Operation

    Washing Operation

    After releasing the soap stock, the oil will further heat up to 75°C, and then add hot water greater than 5% of the oil weight for washing. Stir when adding water. The water temperature should be 5-10°C higher than the oil temperature. If the water temperature is too low, it will easily emulsify; add After finishing the water, continue stirring for 5 minutes, then let it stand for 3-4 hours, release the soapy water, and wash repeatedly 1-2 times, depending on the quality of the clear oil.

  3. Walnut Oil Decolorization Operation

    Decolorization Operation

    Turn on the vacuum pump to make the vacuum ≧700mmHg; first suck the washed alkali-refined oil into the decolorization tank, start stirring and raising the temperature in the vacuum state, and continue stirring for 10 minutes after the temperature reaches 100°C to reduce the moisture in the oil to 0.1% below, then inhale a small amount of decolorizing agent (white clay or activated carbon). The amount added depends on the oil, generally 2%-4% of the oil. After stirring for 20 minutes, cool down to about 90°C, break the vacuum, and open the decolorizing pump to filter The machine separates oil and soil to obtain decolored oil.

  4. Walnut Oil Deodorization Operation

    Deodorization Operation

    The decolorized oil is sucked into the deodorization tank from the vacuum. When the vacuum degree reaches 755mmHg and the temperature is above 150℃, open the bottom to directly steam to start distillation and deodorization, and start timing:

    a. Deodorization time: 2-3h.

    b. Deodorization temperature: 220℃-240℃.

    c. Deodorization vacuum degree: above 755mmHg.

    d. The entire process must be directly steam distilled.

Walnut Oil Production Video

5TPD walnut oil press & 3tpd oil refining and 1tpd subcritical extraction high protein plant

The dryer is used to dry and dehydrate walnut kernels, the oil press is used to squeeze walnut oil, and the filter is used to filter a small amount of impurities in the crude oil. The raw material of this project is Hotan walnuts in Xinjiang, China.


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