Soybean Oil Production Line

The soybean oil production line is a process in which soybeans are treated by pressing or solvent extraction method to obtain crude soybean oil and then refined to obtain edible soya oil.

The two oil production methods have different application scenarios and advantages and disadvantages, please contact us to provide you with a more suitable and complete soybean oil production line solution.

Soybean Oil Processing Plant

Soybean Pretreatment Process

Before soybean oil production, soybean pretreatment needs cleaning, crushing, softening, flaking, extrusion, etc., which provides conditions for the next step of soybean oil processing.

Soybean Oil Pressing Process
  • Soybean Pretreatment
  • Pressing
  • Filtering
  • Crude Soybean Oil

Soybean Oil Pressing Process

Soybean oil pressing is a mechanical extraction method by using a screw press to squeeze oil out of pre-treated and clean soybeans under pressure. The daily capacity of the screw press varies from 1 ton to 50 tons, and it is the most commonly used method for continuous mechanical extraction of oil and grease. Usually, the oil yield of the physical press method is 65%-70%, which is suitable for small commercial processing plants and medium-sized screw press oil plants.

Main process of soybean oil pressing process:
Soybean pretreatment->Pressing->Filtering->Crude soybean oil


Solvent Extraction Project


Soybean Oil Solvent Extraction Process

Soybeans have a relatively low oil content (15-22%). To obtain more oil and considerable economic benefits, soybean extraction is generally used to produce soybean oil. The extraction method mainly uses solvent oil (hexane) to fully soak the treated soybean, so that the oil in the soybean is extracted. After extraction, the residual oil in the cake is generally less than 1%. Soybean meal cakes can also be used to process animal feed.

Soybean oil solvent extraction process
Main Process Of Soybean Oil Solvent
Extraction Process:
Main Process Of Soybean Oil Solvent ction Process
Soybean extruding process

Soybean Extruding Process

Soybean extruding is the process of using extrusion equipment to break through the crushed, rolled soybean into porous, expanded granular material. Extrusion is a kind of high-temperature and short-time processing. At present, the commonly used soybean extruding machine is a moisture single-screw extruder, and the material is extruded by heating, pressing, gluing, and vacuum extrusion. Generally, the extrusion temperature can reach 110~200℃, and the residence time in the extruder is 1~3 minutes.

Soybean Oil Refining Process
  • Degumming Sections
  • Deacidification Sections
  • Decolorization Sections
  • Deodorization Sections

Soybean Oil Refining Process

Soybean oil refining equipment is used to process the extracted soybean crude oil. Through the degumming. deacidification, decolorization, and deodorization sections, harmful and useless substances in the crude soybean oil are removed, thereby improving the storage stability of soybean oil and making the color and smell of the oil meet the standards of edible oil.


Craft Flow Of Soybean Oil Refinery

Craft Flow Of Soybean Oil Refinery

Soybean Oil Production Video

Soybean oil press line

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