Sunflower Oil Production Line

At present, sunflower oil sold in the market is mostly produced by pre-pressing and solvent extraction. The husking press and extraction technology is the key to the sunflower oil production line, which avoids the negative effects of over-refining, high temperature, acid, and alkali on the oil so that the nutrients in the oil can be well preserved.

Sunflower oil production line
Sunflower Seed Oil Processing

Sunflower Seed Oil Processing Steps

The processing characteristics of first-grade sunflower oil are:
First, sift the sunflower seeds and clean them to remove impurities, and then shelled and crushed the seeds. The embryo is peeled, steamed in a frying pan, the oil is pre-pressed from the deep-fried product, the remaining oil is extracted by solvent, and the crude oil is purified by precipitation and filtration. Finally, the oil is dissolved, degummed, decolorized, deacidified and deodorized into finished oil.

Sunflower Seed Oil Processing Steps Flows

Sunflower Oil Processing Steps Flows



The steps of sunflower oil refining mainly include degumming, decolorization, deodorization, and dewaxing. The refined oil has a light color, high nutritional value, and good taste.


Refining workshop equipment

The refining workshop needs to be equipped with a complete set of sunflower seed oil refining equipment, the main equipment of which includes: a dephosphorization and degumming Dehydration pot, decolorization pot, soap stock pot, deodorization tower, clay tank, crude oil tank, filter oil pump, vibration filter, air compressor, heat exchanger, thermal oil furnace, etc.

Sunflower oil refining equipment
Sunflower oil dewaxing process

Dewaxing in the refining process

The sunflower oil after the deodorization process also contains a small amount of wax, which is pumped into the pre-cooled crystallization tank and cooled at a certain cooling rate within 8 hours. After the oil is cooled and crystallized to a certain temperature, the crystal retention time is maintained for 12 hours in the crystallization tank. After that, the oil and wax are separated by a filter press, and the resulting oil is finished with sunflower oil, which meets the standard of high-grade edible oil.


  • Advantages of the oil pressing and solvent extracting
  • Advantages of the oil refining process
  1. Advantages of the sunflower oil pressing and solvent extracting

    Advantages of the oil pressing and solvent extracting

    Compared with other single oil pressing methods, the oil pre-pressing and extraction process has the advantages of high oil yield, good oil quality, good economic benefits, strong adaptability of oil seeds, and flexible production.

    This process can also be used to extract oil from peanuts, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, and other seeds or nuts.

  2. Advantages of the sunflower oil refining process

    Advantages of the oil refining process

    A full continuous refining process has a production capacity of more than 50 tons per day. With characteristics of high refining yield and low consumption of auxiliary materials, a full continuous refining process can meet the requirements of deep processing of products. The process requires continuous operation, which is suitable for larger-scale production of continuous production enterprises.

Sunflower Oil Production Video

Sunflower oil processing plant

Before being pressed by the oil press, sunflower seeds need to go through pro-cesses such as cleaning, shelling, crushing, steaming, and frying, and then sent to the oil press for pressing to extract oil. Therefore, the equipment that needs to be equipped in the sunflower oil pressing workshop includes vibrating screens, designers, crushers, oil presses, etc.


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