Rapeseed Oil Production Line

Canola oil is a completely natural product. A mechanical oil press is usually used to extract the oil to ensure that the quality of the oil is preserved. The oil content of rapeseed is about 40%, and the Henan Huatai rapeseed oil production line has four main parts: a pre-pressing/pressing/pretreatment process, solvent extraction process, refining process, and dewaxing/winterizing process.

Huatai Oil Machinery provides and customizes a complete set of 20-5000TPD rapeseed oil production lines.

Canola Oil Processing

Rapeseed Oil Pretreatment Process

Rapeseed Oil Production Line Process Flow

Canola Oil Processing Flow

Canola Oil Pressing

With the aid of a feeder, the roasted canola seeds enter the rapeseed oil press machine. The worm rotates along with the main shaft to push the materials forward. The pressure within the chamber increases gradually with the reduction of the volume of the pressing chamber. The canola oil press machine is equipped with an automatic barrel heating system. Meanwhile, the friction force produces heat. The cells of the materials are destroyed and the oil flows out. When the oil flows onto the filtering barrel, by the vacuum pump, the oil is pumped into the barrel and the residues are left on the filter cloth, thus the pure canola oil is obtained. We get crude canola oil and canola oil cake meal in this production process.

Canola Oil Pressing Process


Rapeseed Oil Cold Press
  • Rich in nutrients &
    pure and healthy
  • Producing the highest

Rapeseed Oil Cold Press

The cold pressing process of rapeseed oil is the simplest and most traditional method to extract rapeseed oil,which omits the heating and chemical leaching process of the oilseed and preserves the nutrients of rapeseed oil to the greatest extent. The cold pressing process has the characteristics of pure natural, high-quality oil, generally does not need to add additives, and can be preserved for a long time. The market value is high,but the oil yield is relatively low compared with the hot pressing process.


Rapeseed Oil Solvent Extraction Plant

Because of the high oil content of rapeseed, the pressed rapeseed cake meal still has a high oil content, and the rapeseed oil solvent extraction device can extract rapeseed oil from the oilseed to the maximum extent.

The solvent extraction process has four processes. They are solvent systems, desolvent systems, condensing systems, and recovery systems. After the Extraction process, we can get wet rapeseed oil powder and crude rapeseed oil. Wet rapeseed meal can be sold as animal feed. The crude oil of rapeseed contains solid impurities, chemical impurities, and odors, so we can refine the crude oil.

Canola Oil Solvent Extraction Plant
Canola Oil Refinery Plant
  • Benefits human health
  • Removes harmful
  • Colorless and odorless

Rapeseed Oil Refinery Plant

The rapeseed oil refinery plant is very important equipment in the rapeseed oil production line, it refers to removing the harmful impurities from the crude rapeseed oil. After rapeseed oil refinery plant is thinner without FFA, colorless and odorless, and also, it is good for human health and easy to store.


Continuous Rapeseed Oil Refinery Plant Process

Continuous Rapeseed Oil Refinery Plant Process

Customized Rapeseeds Oil Solution

Huatai oil machinery reminds you that the specific equipment composition and process flow can be adjusted and optimized according to the actual situation. In the design and construction of a rapeseed oil production line, it is necessary to consider the production scale, oil quality requirements, cost-effectiveness, and other factors. In addition, the selection and configuration of equipment should be determined according to the specific needs and budget.

Customized Rapeseeds Oil Solution

Rapeseed Oil Production Video

Rapeseed oil press line

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