Linseed Oil Production Line

Linseed oil contains an appropriate amount of linolenic acid, and the ratio of linolenic acid and linoleic acid in linseed oil is 1:4 which is beneficial to the human body, however, linolenic acid is highly heat sensitive and is easily oxidized. When the critical temperature is exceeded, the activity of linolenic acid begins to be destroyed. Therefore, when making linseed oil, it is necessary to choose a low-temperature physical pressing method without any heating treatment. Low-temperature physical extrusion retains the activity of linolenic acid, and there are no additives in the whole process, maintaining the natural quality of raw materials.

Linseed Oil Production Line

The Steps Of Flaxseed Oil Press Line

The Steps Of Flaxseed Oil Press Line


  • Raw material preparation
  • Crushing and soaking
  • Flaxseed oil press
  • Filtration and decolorization
  • Refining and packaging
  1. Flaxseed Raw Material Preparation

    Raw Material Preparation

    Due to the unique production process of pressing linseed oil at room temperature, the requirements for raw materials are more stringent, so fresh and full linseed should be selected. Immature, damaged, mildewed, and aged seeds cannot be used to produce linseed oil.

    First, wash the selected linseed to remove impurities and residues. The washed linseed is dried for further pressing.

  2. Flaxseed Crushing and Soaking

    Crushing and Soaking

    Crush the dried flax seeds to make them easier to crush. The crushed flax seeds also need to be soaked to increase the oil yield. The soaking time is generally 20-30 minutes and the temperature is about 40°C.

  3. Flaxseed Oil Pressing

    Linseed Oil Pressing

    The soaked linseeds are put into a press and pressed. The pressure and temperature must be controlled during the pressing process to avoid the loss of nutrients. After pressing, linseed oil and residue are obtained.

  4. Flaxseed Filtration and Decolorization

    Filtration and Decolorization

    Filter the pressed linseed oil to remove impurities and residues. To improve the quality and taste of linseed oil, decolorization is also required. During the decolorization process, adsorbents such as activated carbon are used to remove pigments and odors from the oil.

  5. Flaxseed Refining and Packaging

    Refining and Packaging

    After filtering and decolorizing, the linseed oil also needs to be refined to remove odors and impurities. Refined linseed oil needs to be packaged to protect the quality and hygiene of the oil.


Advanced and customized linseed oil production line

Huatai linseed oil production line is advanced and can be customized according to the actual needs of different customers. The equipment processing capacity is large, the failure rate is low, and the work efficiency is high. The normal continuous working time of the equipment is fully guaranteed, and the service life is long, which can create greater economic benefits and production capacity for customers.

Advanced and customized flaxseed oil production line
Low-temperature flaxseed oil press production line process

Low-temperature flaxseed oil press production line process

Huatai low-temperature flaxseed oil press production line process generally does not require chemical refining and only needs to go through hydration degumming, activated carbon deodorization, cooling, filtration, dewaxing, and other processes, to avoid alkali refining, active clay decolorization, high-temperature vacuum deodorization, and other chemical refining process on the quality of flaxseed oil.

Linseed Oil Production Video

Linseed oil press line

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