Solvent Extraction

Solvent extraction is a method of producing edible vegetable oil. Its production process is to first crush the seed material into thin slices → soak it in what is commonly known as No. 6 light gasoline, so that the oil dissolves in the light gasoline to form a mixed oil → then the mixed oil Heating (255°C ~ 300°C), remove light gasoline, and make semi-finished oil → Chemical high-temperature refining of crude seed oil for degumming, decolorization, and deodorization (refined with 15 Baume-degree alkali solution; use bentonite clay for decolorization, and appropriate Add activated carbon) → finally make edible oil.

Advantages of oil produced by solvent extraction method: Oil produced by solvent extraction method has the advantages of low residual oil rate in the meal (high oil yield), low labor intensity, good working environment, and good meal quality.

The basic process of oil production by solvent extraction method. Oil production by solvent extraction method is a kind of oil production that applies the principle of extraction, selects an organic solvent that can dissolve oil, and contacts the oil (soaking or spraying) to extract the oil in the oil.

The basic process is: to immerse the oil embryo (or pre-pressed cake) in the selected solvent to dissolve the oil in the solvent (to form a mixed oil), then separate the mixed oil from the solid residue (meal), and then press the mixed oil Evaporation and stripping are carried out at different boiling points, so that the solvent vaporizes into steam and separates the oil, thereby obtaining grease (leached crude oil).

The solvent vapor is condensed, cooled, and recovered before continued use. The meal also contains a certain amount of solvent. After desolvation and drying treatment, the dry meal is obtained. The solvent vapor volatilized during the desolvation and drying process is still condensed, cooled, and recycled.

The oil production process by solvent extraction method can be divided into direct solvent extraction and pre-pressed solvent extraction according to the production method:

  • Direct solvent extraction is also called "one-time solvent extraction". It is a process of solvent extraction oil directly after pretreatment. This process is suitable for processing oils with lower oil content.
  • Pre-pressing and solvent extraction: Pre-pressing and solvent extraction oil plants are pre-pressed to remove part of the oil, and then the cake with higher oil content is leached. This process is suitable for oils with higher oil content.

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