The reasons why palm oil can be widely used

Technology News 2024-05-15 09:15:17

The reasons why palm oil can be widely used are as follows:

First, palm oil shows good oxidative stability during frying. Therefore, it is often used in fried instant noodles, fried dough sticks, and French fries.

The second, palm oil has a higher content of saturated fatty acids than edible oils such as soybean oil and rapeseed oil. Compared with other oils, the amount of trans fatty acids produced during long-term heating is also relatively low. Palm oil is not easy to produce trans fatty acids, so it can be widely used in deep frying.

Third, as a cooking oil, palm oil can provide the necessary fatty acids and other substances for the human body. For example, the content of vitamin E in palm oil is much higher than that in many other vegetable oils. In addition, palm oil produces fewer harmful substances for the human body during continuous or repeated heating processes. Therefore, it has good advantages in the oil market.

We usually use pressing technology to extract palm oil. This technology is mature and perfect, with reasonable design and self-sufficient production mode. It not only saves production costs but also reduces environmental pollution and is conducive to resource recycling; combined with the actual situation of raw material countries.

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