How to start a profitable sesame oil production business?

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When it comes to sesame oil, I believe everyone will be familiar with it. It is an edible oil extracted from sesame seeds. It has a strong aroma of roasted sesame seeds. It is a common condiment in daily life. Its rich aroma is loved by consumers. Sesame oil contains essential fatty acids (linoleic acid, oleic acid, etc.) for the human body and plays an important role in the Chinese diet because of its unique and rich flavor. Let’s learn with the sesame oil craftsmen of Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Sesame oil can be divided into four kinds, sesame crude oil, refined sesame seed oil, small grinding sesame oil, and refined sesame oil, four kinds of oils and fats with different emphasis, and its processing technology also makes a difference:

1. Pressing method

The pressing method to produce sesame oil uses the mechanical pressure of the equipment to squeeze the oil out of the sesame oil, which is sesame crude oil. The sesame crude oil extracted by this method contains a variety of impurities that are harmful to the human body. If the requirements are higher, it need to be refined.

Cold-pressed sesame oil

Sesame raw materials are directly pressed at low temperatures without being roasted at high temperatures. Cold-pressed sesame oil has a lighter aroma and lighter color than hot-pressed sesame oil. Its colloidal impurity content, acid value, and peroxide value are also better than hot-pressed sesame oil. It is suitable for cooking oil and high-quality salad oil.

Hot-pressed sesame oil

After roasting the raw materials, use a hydraulic oil press or screw oil press to extract sesame oil. The oil has a rich aroma and can be used as seasoning oil. The oil yield rate is high, and the residual oil rate in the oil cake can be reduced to Within the appropriate range, the production efficiency is faster.

How to start a profitable sesame oil production business?

2. Water substitution method

Also known as the small grinding method, the sesame oil extracted by the water substitution method is our common small grinding sesame oil. It is a traditional processing method unique to my country and with relatively mature technology. The water generation method of producing sesame oil uses the hydrophilicity of protein to allow the ground sesame protein to absorb water and sink. It also uses the different specific gravity of sesame oil and water to achieve the purpose of oil-water separation. The oil obtained by this method has high quality, but the oil yield is low and the labor intensity is high, which will cause a waste of protein resources, and only small-scale production has been achieved.

3. Extraction method

The extraction method is a processing technology that fully combines solvents with oil to extract oil and fat. Sesame oil has a high oil content and is not suitable for direct extraction. The production of sesame oil using the extraction method is usually carried out in conjunction with an oil press using a pre-pressing and extraction process, which involves pre-pressing the sesame seeds and then crushing and extracting the pressed sesame cake to obtain the remaining sesame oil in the cake. Then, after refining and purification, the obtained finished oil meets the requirements of national standards before being transported to the market for sale.

Then, how to start a profitable sesame oil production business? At present, sesame oil can not only be eaten but can also be used in baking, barbecue, hot pot, and other fields. At the same time, sesame oil is also widely used in beauty, health care products, medicine, and other fields. It can be seen that sesame oil has broad market prospects and is very suitable for investment. First, the traffic conditions and market demand in the area must be taken into consideration. Secondly, a clear positioning must be established. First, the direction of the brand and core competitiveness must be determined. Your target market and develop marketing strategies based on their needs and preferences. There is a huge market space in this industry, but it also faces fierce competition. Therefore, only by grasping every detail and constantly improving can we succeed in this industry.

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