How to choose palm oil production line manufacturer?

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Oilseed crops are crops whose seeds contain large amounts of fat, which are used to extract oil for food or as raw materials for industry and medicine. There are mainly palm, soybean, peanut, rape, peanut, sunflower seeds, etc., of which the oil content of the seeds is roughly up to 20%~60%.

Oilseeds can be extracted from the corresponding oil after pressing or leaching, and the remaining oil meal contains a large amount of protein and other nutrients, which can be used to produce foodstuffs, and is also a good concentrate feed and fertilizer.  Palm oil accounts for more than half of the total amount of vegetable oil trade.

Oil palm is a crop that has been harvested for many years and has been harvested for many years. The economy of palm trees is generally about 25 years, and the production is greatly affected by the scope of the tree age. Generally speaking, after planting the palm tree to planting, after 3-4 years of growth, the results began, and after 7-14 years, the output period was entered, the output gradually declined after 15-18 years, and the aging was eliminated.

Palm fruit grows on the large fruit skewers of palm trees, and each fruit skewers have about 2,000 palm fruits.By boiling, crushing, and extracting, crude palm oil (CPO) and palm meal (PE) can be obtained from palm pulp; During the crushing process, the palm fruit (i.e. palm kernels) is separated and then crushed and the outer shell is removed. The remaining kernels are extracted to obtain crude palm kernel oil (CPKO) and palm kernel meal (PKE).

The oil palm fruit contains two different oils, which are obtained from the flesh of the fruit; Palm kernel oil is obtained from palm seeds (kernels), of which the former is more important. As the most efficient oil-producing plant in the world, oil palm can produce up to approximately 4 tons of crude palm oil, 0.5 tons of palm kernel oil, and 0.5 tons of palm kernel meal per hectare. 

Refined palm oil is divided into 24-degree palm oil, 33-degree palm oil, 44-degree palm oil, 52-degree palm oil, 58-degree palm oil, and so on according to its melting point. 24-degree palm oil is commonly used in the cooking and food processing industry, 33-degree palm oil is commonly used in margarine and cocoa butter processing, and 44-degree palm oil is commonly used in soap cosmetics and other daily chemical industries.

With the rise in crude oil prices, the subject of biofuel is once again being explored, and the use of palm oil as a biofuel has been found to be a new growth point for the use of palm oil in the future. Palm oil is the product of pressing the palm fruits of the oil palm. It has three main uses: food consumption, the food processing industry, and the chemical industry. Palm oil consumption is mainly for consumption, while industrial consumption continues to grow. 

In addition to being mainly used for consumption, palm oil can also be widely used in the daily chemical industry, energy, and other fields. It is important to invest in palm oil production projects and choose a suitable oil machinery manufacturer. Huatai Oil Machinery has strong strength, reliable quality, comprehensive services, and affordable prices. welcome to visit and buy in Henan Huatai.

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